Sunday, 13 August 2017

Before our holidays.....

.....we had a busy few weeks. 

June was pretty booked with different activities. Here comes a re-cap.....

At the start of June we had our yearly family day with Kristian´s family. It started at Kristian´s brother´s home with breakfast. 

        Kristian with his mum and siblings. The oldest at the right hand side - Hanne, then Anders, Signe, (Mum) Kristian, Søren and Peter. His mum deserves a medal!! haha

 The weather was lovely and we were able to eat our lunch outside - picnic style. We visited the Cold War museum and spent an hour underground seeing the Head Quarters. All very interesting (mostly for the men I think!) 

 We ended the day with a walk and some ice cream at this beauitful place. It is always lovely to hang out with Kristian´s family. 

Another big event in June was our neighbour´s daughter´s Graduation. We were all invited to her Graduation party. Once again the weather was lovely and just as well, as we were holding the party in the garden. 

We helped Laura and Mia get things ready. I made a pavlova which tasted great!!!(even if I say so myself!! haha but you just never know with the things I make, they could be good, but they could also be terrible! haha) 

The day after the Graduation we were invited to our friend 
Pernille´s 50th Birthday. (Strange how I have such old friends!! :-) Once again it was a garden party and the weather was just beautiful.

We had a lovely afternoon there. 

The good weather continued and so we had a spontanous evening out with our friend´s Jette and Filip and their two kids. We went and got ice cream at this really popular place. We had to wait in line but it was soooo worth it.

 I also had a quick trip to Ikea to see if they had anything new in stock. They did - so I ended up buying some new cushions covers for the living room. 

We took the bed out of Andrew´s old room and made it into an office and music room. I am sooo happy with the result.

If Andrew comes to stay we just pop a mattress on the floor:-)

One of my colleagues was retiring and so we who worked closely with him,  organised a surprise party for him. We decorated the school bus and went to his home and picked him up. It was then back to school for breakfast, a few speeches and a song written for him.

In the afternoon we had a party for him with all the teachers from the school. I think he had a great day. We certainly did our best to give him a good send of into the life of a pensioner.

The last weekend of June and Kristian was away on a go-kart weekend so I arranged a girls night here. Three of my girlfriends came for dinner and then we watched La La Land. We had a great night together - loads of chatter and laughter!

There was also biking with the old people, a dinner date with my friend´s Genny and Brit and a visit to the hospital to see my friend Audry who was having a hip replaced. 

On 4th July we usually hold Independence Day with my friend and neighbour Laura, as she is American. This year we decided to go to a 50´s diner that Kristian had taken me to a while back. We decided though that we wanted to have a bit of fun, so we decided to dress up in 50´s clothes. What fun we had - not so our daughers!! haha

We didn´t think there would be many people at the place on a Tuesday evening at the start of July! How wrong we were!! haha It was packed! Good job we had booked a table. 

The Burgers, Milkshakes and Fries were delicious

Laura had invited her Canadian friend and two daughters, and also another one of our Danish friends,  we had such a great night together!

So that was pretty much life before our holidays. Work was busy for both Kristian and I and so we were really looking forward to getting away on holiday. But more about that in the next post......

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

I´m still alive and kicking..........

.....I am still alive!!!

I have been very quiet on the Blog for the last month or so. Nothing is wrong - we are all alive and well on Planet Earth! :-) Life has just had a lot of things going on and so the days have been flying by. When I did have a moment of peace and quiet, I just wanted exactly that - peace and quiet. I didn´t want to use my time updating the Blog. 

Soon - very soon - I will do a mega update!! Probably at the weekend as I have a whole weekend to myself! Kristian is gone for the weekend (yes go-kart again!) and  Leah is on holiday. I can´t wait to be alone!!!! I have got a lot of things planned - things like playing piano, reading, watching films, walks, loads of good food and off course - UPDATING THE BLOG :-) :-) :-) 

Monday, 29 May 2017

Goodbye May - Hello June

Time is continuing to fly by! 

It´s been 3 weeks since my trip to London, which means it´s been 3 weeks since I last updated!!

So let´s see what I can remember from the last few weeks.....

8th May - 14th May:

The Tuesday after I came back from London found me out with my friend Audry. We went to our favourite cafe and got caught up with each other again. I got spoiled rotten with a few lovely birthday gifts from her. We had a really lovely evening together. 

Wednesday was my bike day with the old people. I always feel so good after being out on the bike. 

On the Thursday evening Andrew surprised me with a visit and we had a BBQ together. He decided to stay the night as we were all of work on the Friday. It was lovely having him home again even if it was only for one night :-)

 Friday morning and I had a good long sleep! When I finially woke I lay in bed reading, while hubby, who was feeling all fresh and energetic, cut the grass and sorted out his garage.

Friday evening we found a huge Tick on Zoey (our wee cat) we got it of and killed it outside on the ground. There was a huge spot of blood. Our neighbour Laura saw it and so when we woke on Saturday morning we saw this note on top of the blood. That set of a bit of craziness!!

I got myself dressed up as Inspector Rasmussen and went over and knocked her door. She got such a surprise when she opened her door. I explained I was here about a murder and had a few questions to ask her! And so the craziness continued!! We had a good laugh - but seriously there are wiser people locked up!! 

 Saturday, early afternoon,  hubby and I decided to have a date.  We went to one of the local cafes for lunch as they had a live band playing 50s music. We really enjoyed sitting eating our lunch and listening to the music. 

 Late afternoon Sara arrived home with her friend. They were having a girls weekend in Copenhagen but wanted to pop by us before going back home. 

We had a really cosy afternoon with them. The weather was beautiful and we were able to sit outside and enjoy our Strawberry cake and coffee. 

When they left I settled down to read my new book that I had bought in London. Unfortunately the weather changed, the sun disappeared and it suddenly got rather chilly. Kristian´s winter coat helped to keep the chill out.

Sunday was Mother´s Day and my neighbour and I have this tradition that we go out and buy each other a present. (We have been doing this for 3 years now as our kids are not very good at remembering Mother´s Day.) We go to the local garden centre -which is huge. We buy hot chocolate and cake and tell each other what great mothers we are! haha  Then we find something we want to own. I buy Laura whatever she has found, and she buys me whatever I have found. We always have sooo much fun and this Mother´s Day was no different.

 We had fun at the different displays about the place!

We always wrap the pressents to each other, even though we know what is in them!

And they have to look as ugly as possible! haha

When I arrived home from my afternoon out with Laura, Leah was home from work and had bought me a beautiful flower and was waiting to take me out to dinner. Wow!!! I was amazed! Leah is now offically my favourite child!!! haha (only joking Sara and Andrew!)

15th-21st May: 

This was a quieter week, which was what I needed.

I spent some of the time reading.

I also did some drawing....
 Friday Kristian left for a go-kart weekend and Leah was going out to eat with some friends, she would stay with them and then go to work on the Saturday. I was alone for 24 hours and I was sooo looking forward to it. 

I went by our Butcher on the way home from work and bought some delicious salads for dinner. I then sat outside in the garden and enjoyed my dinner and did some reading.

Saturday was spent in my Studio making some art work from pebbles. I had so much fun doing these. 

I then did some more drawing. The picture below was meant to be of Kristian when he was younger but it didn´t turn out like I wanted it. 

 I spent Saturday evening watching one of my favourite films - A house in Toscany. 

22nd - 28th May:

The Monday of this week held a surprise for me. I came home from work and found a small package in my post box. It was a present from my cousin Ann. A CD called The Art of Celebration. I was sooo touched to get this CD and I just love it. It has been played non stop since I got it. Thank you soooo much Ann for this! (My favourite songs are track 9, 10, 11) 

We had two days of from work this week. Thursday and Friday were holiday so it was great with only a 3 day week. I could get used to that. 

Thursday my friend Pernille had invited me out as a Birthday gift. We went to Copenhagen to "My home is my slot" exhibition. It was such a great day, the weather was beautiful and we had such a lovely day hanging out together. 

Friday we had Kristian´s brother, his wife and two kids come by for a BBQ. We had such a cosy evening with them.

Saturday Kristian and I decided to head out on a picnic. We headed West and found this gorgeous spot for our picnic lunch. The weather was gorgeous and we spent the day outside enjoying the sun and countryside.