Friday, 13 October 2017


.....Cyber City - I´m back!

It´s been a while since you have heard from me. Life has been busy - full of many different activities! So here I go with a mega update of those things that I can remember.

The weather in Denmark over the last couple of months has been very Irish! Rain, rain and more rain! And I have loved every minute of it.

In August one of my colleagues went on the pension. We were so sad to see him go and so we planned a night out to say goodbye to him.

We started in the afternoon, right after work. We drove to a picnic spot by the sea and had some coffee and cake together.

From there we went to one of the Forest Parks for a ride through the forest in a horse-drawn carriage. What a great experience that was! It was so relaxing.

 My good colleague that became a pensioner!

 We then took a walk through the amusement park that was next to the forest. We had booked a table at a special restaurant there. The restaurant is a replica of one that is in an old Danish TV series. Throughout the evening actors and actresses came around and talked to us, the guests. They played the parts of people from the TV series.  
The food was fantastic and the atmosphere too. By the time we were finished eating it was dark and the amusement park was lit up. It was so cosy. We then went around trying different competitions, like shooting, knocking plates off the shelf etc. It was really a fun, cosy evening. I really am blessed to have some wonderful colleagues.

 Throughout the last couple of months Kristian and I had a few date nights too.
 Most of the date nights happened on evenings when it wasn´t actually raining. We packed a picnic and went off to some of our favourite nature spots.

We had a wedding anniversary at the start of September - 27 years married and 28 years together! We just can´t believe we have known each other so long. We feel so blessed that we still love to hang out together even after all these years. Kristian really is my best buddy. I think I will keep him for a least another 27 years! 

On our anniversary we decided to just stay at home and make a homemade meal together. Leah was also home and wanted to share the evening with us. The three of us had a cosy evening together, eating good food, talking and finally ending it all with a film. 

 Kristian, Leah and Sara had birthdays in September so we spent a little time celebrating them.

 Then Kristian´s brother and his wife had a Silver Wedding Anniversary and so we were at a couple of parties for that. One that started at 7am!!! (Crazy Danes!) Family and friends gathered to sing wedding songs to the couple outside their house as if to wake them up. Then everyone went inside to eat breakfast.

 Kristian and his brothers and sister provided the music for the singing.

 A few days later (on Saturday) there was a big party for family and friends. 
September has certainly been a month for celebrating!

September has also been spent doing a little bit of Artwork......

The school where I work is holding a Christmas sale this year and so my friend and I decided that we would have a stall where we would sell Pictures, Signs, Pebble art etc. We have a lot still to do but it sure is fun being creative again.

There was time spent out biking with the old people.

I tried a few new recipes too, especially ones for my Crock Pot which I got last Christmas and have hardly used. 

A few Saturdays where Kristian was gone, because of a go-kart race, I used at the beach. I had a few day-long dates with God. It was so wonderful just hanging out with Him from early morning to late afternoon, just me and Him. I got so much reading, praying and studying done and each time I made myself a lovely picnic to enjoy. (I do love my food! )

A total disaster happened in September. I lost my Kindle!!! Panic - that´s like losing one of my kids!  I just could not find it, I looked everywhere! Then after 4 days, I was puffing up the cushions on the sofa and when I lifted one of the cushions I saw my Kindle down the side of the sofa!!! I was so happy!

It must be what winning the Lottery feels like! haha 

 Sara´s Christian races cars and one day his DTC race was on TV.
 For once I found myself watching car racing!!! He gave an interview at the end of the race. Strange seeing someone you know on National TV.

One of the local towns held a Culture Night and so my colleague and I went to that after work. It was a great evening. 
 There was Belly Dancing to see! Brave women - not something I would do!

 Old cars about the town.

 Loads of Music events to pop in and out off and also Art Galleries to visit. It was a great success!

I also had a few visits to the local cafe with different friends - Rhona, Audry, Line and Genny.

We had neighbour dinner night.

We had a Games Night with my friend Laura and her daughter.
We had a film night too where we saw The Shack. 

I had a night in Copenhagen with some girlfriends. We went for dinner and then on to church to hear Christine Caine from Australia preach. She was fantastic!

We also had Bible Study group. One of the evenings we saw the film War Room which inspired us all to start our own War Room (or war chair or book!) It was really a great film - one I can recommend!

We had an evening out with Kristian´s sister and husband. We went to a Michael Ruff concert and had a great evening.

We also attended a Birthday party for my nieces. One turned 25 and the other 20. We got some wonderful news at the party. The one who turned 25 is expecting her first baby!! We were all so happy for her and her hubby!

So that´s my mega update for this time - Phew, it´s now time for bed!

Monday, 28 August 2017


This year we went holidaying in Ireland. We have never been tourists there but always went there to visit Mum, Dad, and the extended family. This time would be different. This time we would be tourists!

We flew into Dublin and picked up our hired car. Then we headed South towards Wicklow to a wee place called Avoca. We would be staying there two nights in a cosy little hotel.

 We arrived around 8.30pm and we were starving! Lucky for us, there was a Chip shop open and so we had the most delicious Fish and Chips down by the River. A good start to the holidays!

 The next morning we were up early and ready for a day of exploring. We visited Wicklow National Park - just beautiful, drove through Sally´s Gap which we just loved! It was so wild and rugged and we ended the day in Wicklow town.

After an other good nights sleep at our wee hotel we were up and on the road again. This time we were heading further South to Killarney. We had a beautiful drive down to Killarney. We arrived at Killarney mid afternoon and as soon as I saw the town of Killarney I feel in love. It was such a lovely place and the people were so friendly - plus it had a Primark which they call Pennys!! I was over the moon!! We did a bit of shopping and exploring, had some dinner in one of the local restaurants and then headed to our Bed & Breakfast, which would be our home for the next two nights. 
The next day we headed out to explore The Ring of Kerry. Oh my, we were not disappointed!! What breath taking nature!!! We totally fell in love with that area.

We ended the day with dinner in one of the local Pubs. What great atmosphere there was there. There was a family there playing music, singing and doing Irish Dancing. It was the perfect end to a perfect day.

After an other great sleep, we were up and on our way to the West Coast of Ireland, to a place called Doolin. Here we would also stay for two nights. 

The hotel was wonderful.

On the afternoon that we arrived we headed down to the harbour to see the Cliffs of Moher from there. We discovered that there was a boat trip to see the Cliffs from the water and so we quickly hopped on board that. What a great experience that was. 

After our boat ride, we headed to one of the local pubs for some grub. Once again the food was delicious.

Then after dinner, it was a walk up to the Cliffs of Moher. The weather was perfect!  

The next day we headed towards Galway to explore in and around that area. It was just beautiful. 

It was such a wonderful holiday down in the South. After our two nights in Doolin, we headed up to Belfast to spend the last few days of our holiday. We broke the long journey up to the North by stopping at lunch with some "old" friends.

We spent a day exploring the Titanic Museum, another at the Folk Park in Cultra and we had a day out with my sister-in-law which we ended at a restaurant together with my niece and nephew. It was lovely seeing them again.

I got to see my cousin Lorraine and her family which was wonderful.
 Time was short and there were many people that I would have loved to have seen but unfortunately, we just couldn´t fit everyone in. Next time we will go to Belfast for a longer time. 

I did, however, put a post on Facebook that we would be in Seapark one evening and those that could, could meet up with us there. I brought some snacks along. About 12 people showed up and the weather was fantastic that day. It was wonderful to see and chat with everyone again.

It was one fantastic holiday. Kristian and I loved every minute and it will not be the last time we take a holiday in Ireland. The nature was fantastic, the people were wonderful and we actually had quite good weather even though we were prepared for rain, rain and more rain!!