Friday, 8 August 2008

Friday nights gonna be alright..

Does anyone remember that song? " Friday night´s gonna be alright,.... yes it´s gonna be alright now baby...." (I think it´s from Fame).

Well my Friday night has certainly been alright!!

This week has been a killer! Starting back to work has not been easy after having 4 weeks holiday, especially since I met at 6.00 am all week long. (The things you do to get home from work a few hours earlier.) So I have looked forward to Friday night since Monday morning!!

Kristian and Sara left early this morning to travel to Jytland for a go-kart race (really hope it goes well for them.) They are away until Sunday night. There is only Andrew, Leah and me at home. So what have we been up to this Friday evening? - something that the Danes call "hygge tid" - a really cosy time. Leah and I have stuffed our faces with sweets, crisps, and chocolate while we watched a film, curled up on my bed. Really cosy and relaxing...just what mummy needed. (Andrew was playing a game with his friends over the internet.)T

Thought I would take a break tonight from the "Lets make a date mate" postings, but the date idea´s will be returning very soon along with a few invites to some weddings! Keep your eyes clued to the blog, you never know what will turn up here within the next few days!!

Now I am going to head into bed, snuggle down with one of my good books and just enjoy the blessings of having a bed to sleep in, a duvet to warm me (since my other body warmer is gone for the weekend! haha) and a roof over my head.Yes, this Friday night certainly did turn out alright...

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